Volver a Strategic Projects

The Mejillones (Mejiport) logistics and port community was created to promote collaboration among different stakeholders in the bay and to find solutions to common logistics chain problems.

Mejiport’s mission is to become a coordinating entity for public and private port and terminal stakeholders in Mejillones Bay, contributing to the competitiveness of the port and logistics activities by continuously improving efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in harmony with the development of the city and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

The main public and private stakeholders participating directly in the Mejillones Bay port and terminal logistic chain include: port companies and concessionaires, exporters and importers, operators, shipping agents, land and rail carriers, etc. Public sector stakeholders include, among others, the National Customs Service, SAG, PDI, and the Health Service.

Regional and municipal authority representatives also participate, particularly in the areas of transportation, labor, health and urban development.

Other relevant port stakeholders in the logistics business and in sectors related to the environment and quality of life are also expected to participate.