Terminal 1

Location of Terminal 1:

  • Terminal 1 is located in the Bay of Mejillones, 65 km north of Antofagasta and 1,400 km from Santiago.

Characteristics of Terminal 1:

  • It was the first to be built at CPM and began operations in November 2003. It is focused on general cargo and containers.
  • Its construction involved an investment of US$ 115 million.
  • It has four berths and a front capable of receiving vessels up to 366 meters in length, with a maximum draft of 13.7 meters.
  • It is the only port in northern Chile that can accommodate New Panamax vessels.
  • It has ample availability of support areas for the development of port infrastructure, as well as efficient road and railway access.

Concessionary Company:

  • Compañía Portuaria Mejillones, commercially known as Puerto Angamos. Visit Puerto Angamos here.
  • Concesionado hasta el año 2033.