About Us

Complejo Portuario Mejillones (CPM) is a subsidiary of Codelco created to consolidate a large logistics and port hub in Mejillones Bay, Antofagasta Region, which provides the north of Chile and the Southern Cone with a sustainable solution for all types of cargo.

The company operates with a long-term vision to ensure the organized, sustainable expansion of terminals, logistics and port operations in harmony with the community.

CPM operates as a Landlord Port Authority Landlord Port, meaning it owns the land and port assets of its different terminals, which are financed, built and operated by private concessionaires.

The terminals in CPM are for non-discriminatory public use and the respective concessionaires are responsible for their operation and management.

CPM’s Misssion

To provide an efficient and competitive port and logistics
service platform for its clients.

CPM’s Vision

To promote the development of port solutions and logistics systems to efficiently, competitively and sustainably satisfy its clients´ requirements, in harmony with the environment and local communities, increasing stakeholder value in the long term and promoting its personnel´s professional development.

Board of Directors

  • Francesco Schiaffino Bacigalupo
    • Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Carlos Alvarado Hernández
    • Vice chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Gamaliel Villalobos Aranda
    • Former executive of port, mining, and energy companies.
  • Juan Alberto Ruiz Cuéllar
    • Former executive of port, mining, and cement companies.
  • Macarena Vargas Losada
    • Vice President of Legal Affairs at Codelco.

CPM Executives

  • Álvaro Arroyo Albala
    • Civil Engineer
    • General Manager
  • Jorge Cummins Ciuffardi
    • Naval Academy Graduate and International Trade Engineer
    • Operations Manager
  • José Luis Noguer Aceitón
    • Industrial Civil Engineer
    • Development Manager
The port´s construction in Mejillones was the result of specific studies that revealed Mejillones Bay´s exceptional natural and climatic conditions for the development of a world-class port.

Its development included a new territorial planning concept that ensures the territory´s sustainable use to promote port and industrial expansion in coordination with local and sectorial authorities and

in harmony with Mejillones´ growth.

The main tool for this long-term vision is the Port Master Plan, which sets out the construction plan for six terminals and ample service areas over a 50-year horizon to consolidate a large port and industrial hub in northern Mejillones.